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Non Pokemon Sales

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Prices DO NO include shipping

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This sales post is no longer up to date.
I have updated ones on my journal.

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Updated sales on my journal
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My Collection, Trades, and Wanted :)

Hi! So I will reintroduce myself... I am Kirstie... I am 20, 21 in April. I have loved pokemon since I was like 6!!! As of right now about 90% of my collection is in a storage unit because my parents are trying to sell our house.
I have lots of stuff up to trade like Plush and Figures, Kids Figures, and Cards
And here is my wants list
My feedback is here

Okay SO I mainly collect : growlithearcanine vulpixninetales lillipupherdierstoutland gothitagothoritagothitelle
and my side collections: smoochumstaryustarmieponytarapidashpurrloinkeldeokeldeo-resolution
As well as... :eeveevaporeonjolteonflareonespeonumbreonleafeonglaceon
and starters:bulbasaurcharmandersquirtlechikoritacyndaquiltotodiletreeckotorchicmudkipturtwig chimcharpiplupsnivytepigoshawott
sooo alot...

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